Oct 6, 2008

Payson's Golden Birthday

Payson celebrated his 1st birthday and -it being October 1st- his golden birthday!! We sent out football invites, had football cake, took pictures as a football player and wore our new cougar football shirts. His baby guests weighed in for the team roster and played with inflatable footballs. Patrick & Erica showed off the new backyard "oasis" that finished justin time -and Payson received a blow-up pool & slide that will take up most of the grass space!

The MVP -Star QB - Payson Lewis!!

Happy Birthday dear Payson...
No interest in cake until I gave him a fork -he's obviously very clean and sophisticated with his eating habits.

Wall of Fame -Payson's amazing shots throughout the year month-by-month.
Backyard Fun:
Payson loves running on the pavers and gravel -but NOT the grass. And if I put him on it, he freezes, looks concerned, then cries to be "saved."

See my tomato plants? They've gotten HUGE!

LOVES his new pool -and we haven't even filled it with water yet.

Perfect weather and an inviting backyard lead to Patrick smokin' us up some burgers and pork chops.


Jenni said...

YAY for a great party. Charlie's first birthday party and he LOVED it. :0) We also love the backyard! And the pork chops were so tasty - thanks!!

McGuire's said...

Happy Birthday Payson!! Can you believe your baby is 1? So cute! That cake looked so yummy! your backyard looks very nice. and you have bangs!! I love em!

Julie said...

A golden party of goldenness for your sophisticated eater. It was super fun! Can you email me the pictures of us in the football player and cheerleader? Thanks!

Summer said...

OK your yard really is an oasis! good work. Also I am really impressed that payson had a themed first birthday!

Warren and Sharleen said...

I LOVE this post. Sounds like a perfect birthday party. Wish we could've been there! The backyard looks great and Payson adorable. I like the bangs as well.