Mar 26, 2008

Spring has sprung! Some of our random blooming...

Today I planted seeds in our garden! Patrick has been spending the last few weeks putting together this automatic drip system. He has now officially proved his manhood and pride of home ownership! Actually, he has done a really good job, and is always anxious to work on it. Hopefully in a few weeks we'll have sprouts we can post.
I made a leprechaun cake for St. Patrick's day. After eating 3 pieces and realizing that Patrick wouldn't be helping, I sent him to the trash. Better than getting drunk for the holiday I guess. We did go to a neighbor's for some GREAT corned beef and cabbage though. (Sounds gross -tastes good)
Speaking of eating...

Payson is eating "solids" these days. (Well, whenever I need a good chuckle watching his confused and concerned face as he slowly gums whatever I put in his mouth.) He enjoys applesauce, oatmeal, peas, and bread. We got the eddie bauer edition of high chairs for him -only the best for our child... :) Okay, I just think it's really pretty and that it looks good with our dining table!The downside -or- out every side - of feeding Payson solids. Boy is he getting some new "business" "down there" -smelly and messy. This has been the biggest blowout yet. We're so proud.

We spent Easter at Dave & Jenni Johansen's. Jenni's mom Lynn made a clove ham just for Patrick. Desert was decorating cake easter eggs and bunnies. Jenni's were by far the best, so we told her she had to eat them all -she is 7 months pregnant afterall!

We played "the bean game" aka Bonanza, where I for the first time didn't lose by a landslide. It's a really fun game -I recommend it to all!

Mar 11, 2008

We LOVE visitors!!

We had the pleasure of guests in our humble abode February and March. Quinn (Patrick's oldest bro) and Jessica Lewis, & 5 adorable kids were a tight squeeze.

Nothing like "camping" in the living room for kids! We loved having them here and getting to see their new 6 week old little girl! She's already starting to look as big as Payson! Poor Payson, just doesn't seem to chunk out like all his little buddies. We spent a lot of time enjoying the park nearby where there was basketball and Patrick's favorite: swing & jumping contests! Payson's cousins loved playing with him and his toys. Sometimes they were a little suffocating with their love! I taught the kids to be expert card players. Chandler and Ashlyn became great at "War" and the whole family enjoyed the gambling game of blackjack. (Not with stakes -don't worry!)

Early March we met my sis Sharleen (w/ husband Warren and 16 month old Issac) in Mesa at our cousin Nathan's. His wife Ila and 2 adorable girls are always fun to see when we head that way (mostly for temple trips). (I miss living 2 minutes from a temple as opposed to 2 hours!) Warren had "business" in Pheonix, but Sharleen and Issac spent the week with me in Tucson. Well, technically Sahuarita, the town I live in just south of Tucson. I enjoyed showing off my house, neighborhood, friends, and scary places to shop and drive in Tucson. (Sadly, those are the parts of Tucson I live closest to.) Issac is so big compared to Payson -and really gets us excited? for how active and opinionated a toddler can be! Mostly Issac was just afraid of me -I've always had that affect on boys... Of course we fit in a game of Settlers of Catan. Which, might I add, I haven't won in ages. Everyone says I'm the damsel in distress so noone notices me take over -but it's just begginers luck. Once I've played a few times, noone will ever see me take over again!

We've decided that Settler's is very unsettling. You get all worked up, and then all of sudden someone announces they've won, and it's over. All your plans and strategies mean nothing, the dice wont be rolled again. You were duped into thinking the game isn't based on luck once again! Alas! If anyone has any good board games to recommend, please tell. We're sick of ours. (Except Yahtzee -I'm amazing with those dice, much to Patrick's amazement and annoyance.)

Desert Museum with Twinner Friends!

Warren & Emily Smith met and married at BYU. Warren studied electrical engineering and got a job at Raytheon. They moved to Tucson summer of '06. Had a baby (Diana) in Oct. '08. Sound at all familiar? Little Diana is so sweet. Her and Payson are destined for eachother... :)

We went to the Desert Museum which is in West Tucson. The drive there is gorgeous with hills and valleys of saguaro cacti. And the sunsets as you leave are AMAZING. We love the sky here!

Patrick's met his goal in the trip -he saw a javelina. Gross black pig things that live in the desert. (Look like Pumba from Disney's "The Lion King") I hear they are pretty dangerous.
My running buddies tell me that they come across them as well as rattlesnakes as it gets
warmer. That's why you should always run with a light, buddy, and mace! One day I will actually take that advice.




Payson has the strongest neck. He can lie on his tummy with hands and legs flayling for a REALLY long time - you see how long you can last!


We're making Payson fit AND smart in this baby einstein toy!
Actually, he LOVES it. And when he gets sick of trying to eat the toys he can pull to his mouth, he starts putting his arms out and trying to balance on his feet as tall as possible to get mommy's attention.

Patrick teaches Payson by example

1- The importance of being a BYU cougar!
Bleed blue through & through! BYU football allegiance is a must. Attending the University and meeting your wife in a singles ward are added bonuses.

2- Work, work, work -there is no satisfactory substitute.
Patrick digs into our "soil" (aka rock) for our future garden bed. Supposedly, we can grow vegetables here year round -although keeping plants alive has never been my specialty... :)

3- Mom's cooking is the BEST!

Eating while holding Payson is getting very exciting as Payson gets better at grabbing dishes and utensils. Good thing we have white carpet under our dining table to catch all the messes!

Payson is on to the bottle trick, he knows the difference between formula and the real deal. He is NOT a fan of the former.

4- Couch time comes after meal time.
The boys' favorite spot to digest and relax! Did Payson's button just pop undone?

5- Big boys don't cry -they giggle!
Payson is getting ticklish on his tummy, thighs, feet -he loves the attention!