Apr 16, 2008

Ready, Get set, GO!!

I ran an 11 mile trail run on Saturday. It was held in beautiful Catalina State Park (about 50 min drive). My running buddy Rhonda (#39) got first in her age group. I came in just under 8:38 min miles getting 2nd in mine. It was fun to run up and down the sandy paths, and to hop on rocks across streams! The hills were steep, especially the "92-stair climb" that I had to run up twice -my calves were so sore!

The incredible adventures of a 6 month old

1/2 a cake for Payson's 1/2 birthday.
(He cried when mommy blew out the candle!)
Trying on mom's heels...

Learning piano...
Waking up groggy!

We just inherited this keyboard from Patrick's boss at work. One of the keys doesn't work, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. One day we'll have a real piano! Oh, and Payson actually is very entertained by anything that is clearly NOT a toy, including everything in the closet!

Struttin' his stuff!

Why do I ever wear clothes?
Sooo Big!__________________________Sooo Strong!

Budda? Lovely point!