Jun 23, 2010

Father's Day - Birthday - Payson, of course!

Who knew I married such a great Dad?  I want my boys to be just like him!  Well, maybe taller.... ha ha, don't tell Patrick I said that ;)

Patrick also got a drill - but calls that a gift for me as it will be used for all my "honey-do's".
But I think it makes him real man, which Payson needs to look up to.  And Payson LOVES the drill and is always asking to drill into the walls!
Thanks to his super nerdy soldering iron, Patrick fixed my bluetooth exercise headphones - what a man!

Patrick got his golf clubs on his birthday when we were dating, the next year we were married and I got golf clubs for his birthday (his idea).  I decided to continue the tradition this year by getting Payson some real clubs so he can really do something at the driving range and the wee Par 3 course nearby.

It's sooooo nice having time to play with Payson on Saturday's now!

Jun 18, 2010

Spring was so FILLED!

I've been going through our pics since I stopped caring... thank you pregnancy yuckiness... and we sure have done a lot this spring.  Not that I get pics of everything, oh well, but here are some of the highlights:  
(Not necessarily in chronological order)

Rodeo Days - they actually get school off for this here!

Roberts Family visits us in March

Payson's Faves

April Trip to Cali:  Adventures w/ Camacho cousins & Patrick's Family

May trip to Colorado - Great visits w/ Taylor & Perry Fams

Camping up Mt Lemmon w/ 4 other families - so much fun!  And a much needed break for Patrick.

Payson asked for his toes to be painted too - I chose a manly blue... Patrick was NOT happy!  Naptime isn't going so great lately, Payson will sometimes give in after playing and/or crying in his locked room on the floor.

I am so over potty training, but "underpants" are way too exciting, especially being able to flush & wipe, repeatedly...grrrr....  Nothing like waking up to my naked boy handing me a "fresh diaper" as he has already thrown away his night time one and gone poo poo in the toilet (his wiping leaves much to be assisted w/ before climbing into bed!)

Something Payson will help cook AND eat - cookie dough!  Computer time in underpants - woo hoo!
Payson woke me up one morning having spelled his favorite word - and very excited to show me - "ZOO spells zoo - see Mommy?"
This pic of me (taken courtesy of Payson -not too bad eh?) kind of shows my blonde highlights I just did.  Never have I attempted to bleach my hair until now.  I still think I look better brunette, but it is fun to try something new!

He's always gone straight for the knives - and now he insists on sharpening them himself - ah!!