Jul 8, 2009

Celebrating Summer & the 4th of July

Payson enjoying the "wa-wa" in a desert style river up Madera Canyon.

Story: Payson brings me Patrick's shorts repeating "ba-aball ors" -very excitedly. I ask him if he wants to wear Daddy's basketball shorts. "Yes" Being the resourceful and creative mom, I use a hair elastic to tie (the majority) of the shorts together so they will stay on. Then runs to the hoop on our fridge to play some ball. He looked so funny, and was so excited!

Payson & Patrick play on the calculator... NERDS!

4th of July french toast - or should I say freedom toast?? (I realize these look pretty unappetizing, but they were festive and delicious, and we were quite proud of our flags!)

Patrick came up with a great 4th of July activity: a visit to the Pima Air & Space Museum. We gained a lot of respect to the technology that has developed in flight, and the soldiers who flew.

Payson decides to set the table & get himself some cereal. (Note he chose a goblet, and used all 4 wooden salad bowls.)

Summer Projects: Patrick loves having time to do projects with his summer off from school. Payson LOVES using tools, he even got a zap when he ran over to the one uncovered electric socket and stuck the screw driver in. (He's quick! -not that it bothered him, he tried to continue....)