Mar 18, 2009

Cheese connoisseur

Have I mentioned that Payson is a cheese snob?  He will not eat Kroger brand or Kraft cheese, it must be Tillamook.  And he has always been this way!  Not that I blame him, if I am going to eat cheese plain, I want the creamy, tasty & delightful Tillamook.  There is also some nostalgia involved from my Sophmore year of college -getting home from dates on the weekends and discussing "boys" over cheese & crackers with my roomates (Aub-dog & sis Shar).   

Payson loves to run up to doors and knock on them.  Our neighbors got a surprise visit Sunday night when Payson ran up their driveway, knocked on the door (in his soft little fist pats that they somehow heared), and upon a door opening, ran into their living room and became glued to extreme fighting for 15 straight minutes (why do I even try kid movies?). 
Payson, upon finding keys, runs to the front of the house saying "deys" and reaching as high as he can to unlock the doors -no doubt trying to escape, as inside is boring, and outside is ALWAYS exciting.

Although I do not like Payson to touch my laptop, ever.  Of course I cave, and I decided to just let him have at it.  The fisherprice website has games for infants -ABCs & Peek-a-boo - which are big winners.  Every letter is "Eee" and every animal is a dog & says "ruff ruff" -so, so cute!

My cute husband had a dozen pink -gorgeous- roses waiting at home for me & a PI day welcome home mat & PIE!!  Payson & I went to Portland to visit my sister Sharleen.  Patrick is doing such a good job of being festive -even for the silly occasions like March 14th (aka 3.14).  It's good to be home with my man again!!

Oh yeah, the shoes & the credit card were jokes, as I had already ordered the new running shoes which arrived in the mail while I was gone, and the credit card was just the new one that needed to be signed to replace our expiring one.  Maybe next time he'll get me a credit card with some ridiculously large limit & send me to the mall... :)

Mar 2, 2009

I Love Hiking!!

Hiking up Madera Canyon to Bog's & Kent's "Springs"  
Let's just say, that they were true to the desert, since you really have to search for the water...  
Actually we climbed up to 6100 ft, which ascent happened to be all in the last 1/2 mile - Patrick may never go hiking with me again, or at least not straight uphill with Payson on his back.  On the way down Payson fell asleep on my back and his head kept bouncing against my back!  Who can sleep like that?  The "family" picture is what happens when I try to be in the pictures, oh, and us not having showered and all sweaty from hiking.  We were quite the treat that morning!  We've decided that hiking is a great way to spend time together & outdoors.  Walking, talking, beef jerky (which even Payson enjoyed), beautiful surroundings, aaahhhh, I just love it!

Payson tries to eat animal crackers with a pencil, not pictured is the attempt that actually worked!  How much more satisfying food must taste when you've truly worked for it!  He also found his way into the oven drawer, it was only a matter of time.  And, the pot lid, well, that was actually Mommie.  Oops!  Free advice:  don't burn a glass lid over flame, and then resume to use as normal, because, it wont function as normal and can't take a pot of boiling water, it will indeed shatter!

Payson found some keys in the "junk" drawer and ran to the front of the house to open the door!  Later he tried to set the table while I was cooking in the kitchen.  He did a pretty good job: place mat, fork, spoon, and bowl.  It's hilarious when we find out how much more he understands and remembers, and his desire to do everything himself.  If he can't reach it, he'll bring over is plastic $ store chair as an enabling device, the world gets bigger for him, and becomes more "over" for me!