Aug 21, 2008

Payson's Faves

I try to take pictures of Payson every few days catching him in one of his favorite acts. These are what I have from the last month or two.
Crawling, Jumping, Standing on the bed! One of the MOST exciting things to him! It's hilarious, but he tends to not understand the edge -as he comes close to it all the time giving Patrick & I mini heart attacks. He has fallen off, and doesn't land on his feet (no cat-like reflexes yet I guess), and does cry, and doesn't learn as he instantly wants back on.
The broom. If only he could use it properly!!

Someone else's toys. The toys are "greener" in the other nurseries. This is a snap from Vesper Dalton's 3rd birthday party. She lives in NW Tucson, we get together with the Dalton's regularly. Favorite topics of conversation include the Stephanie Meyer books & politics (Andrea "the liberal" -gasp- vs Patrick) & DIY from Chad the handyman husband of the year.

Shower time any time. Water optional. Clothes optional. Scrubbing behind the ears optional.

After tediously pulling bag after bag out- Success! The cardboard box is empty and now can be scraped across the tile; back & forth, back & forth. Cool noise huh Mom?

If it has wheels... I LOVE IT!! The stroller (in or out) is one of Payson's favorite toys.

I see a goldfish.

Lipstick anyone? This shade does nothing for my eyes.

Loves doing laundry? Attacking the laundry and trying to eat the smelly socks is more accurate.

Loves jumping to lights & music in his Jumparoo. (We like it because it makes him tired!)