Sep 22, 2008

Latest Randomness

I love looking at the pictures I take -Is this how I imagined my life to be? Who knows? But I love it -every minute of it!! Well, maybe most minutes of it ;)

Patrick likes his toy Payson. It's all about reactions. Watching Payson is fascinating, especially after putting ice in his mouth -and then [not pictured] down his diaper!
Payson and Erica had fun on the trampoline at the Burns', while Patrick was glued to the BYU football game. Thanks to Tevo we watched it in record time too! Anytime you looked away, you missed a play. Payson did have time to try on one of the twins Spiderman outfits (why the cape?? -who knows!).
Patrick & Payson practice their football plays. Hut, Tackle, Get the fumble!

Payson & Kenzi have snacks. Kenzi was very kind in "sharing" -eg putting all of her snacks onto Payson's tray one by one until she was "all done"! We are excited to have the Hoenes's as our new neighbors.

Payson love his blankey (one of many!) and the toilet -and Patrick's Blackberry. Now it is all Payson's fault that Patrick is unorganized...

Sep 5, 2008

GNO = Bunko!!

Some of us girleez in the ward are starting a bunko group. A simple "parlour" dice game, way too many yummy treats and snacks (I went home feeling like it was Thanksgiving...), no kids, and sooo much fun!! It's nice to get out and be immature and crazy and laugh a whole lot!

Thanks to Julie Quinn for organizing, hosting, and the cute prizes!

I don't know how to rotate this clip but it's just to hilarious to not blog, maybe even more funny sideways. Kali Hoenes couldn't stop dancing to the music, or maybe it was her unborn child kicking...

Up Hill Madness

I ran an 8 mile race on Labor Day through Saguaro National Park. I was all pumped for a beautiful run through rolling, cactus filled hills. I knew the elevation change was tough... but I was ambitious about my goal time anyhow. So, sadly I didn't run it as fast as I wanted, but I did get 3rd in my age group -yea! - with a time of 1:05:15.

The elevation change map. My two biggest fans woke up at the crack of dawn to come cheer me on! Patrick is so supportive of my running.

Here are my friends I ran the race with. Mindy, Margie, & Emily

"Aaaaaah -what have you done!?!"

So just a few minutes before I was ready to take Kent home, with a very uneventful and successful morning babysitting, he did this to my carpet...

Any ideas for getting nail polish out of carpet anyone?? It seems that I learn how un-babyproof my home is everytime I have another child over!

Here's a picture of Kent and Payson having a grand ol' time together. This toy is a hit with every kid -I bought it for a few bucks at a garage sale and still haven't needed to put in new batteries -I love it!!