Sep 5, 2008

GNO = Bunko!!

Some of us girleez in the ward are starting a bunko group. A simple "parlour" dice game, way too many yummy treats and snacks (I went home feeling like it was Thanksgiving...), no kids, and sooo much fun!! It's nice to get out and be immature and crazy and laugh a whole lot!

Thanks to Julie Quinn for organizing, hosting, and the cute prizes!

I don't know how to rotate this clip but it's just to hilarious to not blog, maybe even more funny sideways. Kali Hoenes couldn't stop dancing to the music, or maybe it was her unborn child kicking...


Hoenesclan said...

Oh dear.

Lauren said...

Ha! Your blog is rather incriminating for some people! ;-)

Hope you don't mind me checking out your blog - it's great! Looks like you've been having a little too much fun! ;-)

Check out my blog anytime at But I can't promise that it's very exciting.

Summer said...

I like the new look of your blog. Looks like fun, I know some girls around here play, maybe I should look into it. Payson's hair is sooooo cute long!