Jan 8, 2008

Payson is a learning boy!!

Payson figured out how to grab the hanging toy he hits in his random spasms. Much to his (and I might add my) surprise, it plays music when pulled!

Watch out for Pace-zilla. Raaaahhhhh!!

Payson is getting so tall and strong.

And, he has just learned how to giggle! Here is Payson's reaction to Mommy saying BOO!

Jan 7, 2008

Christmas in Utah

Payson's ready for Christmas....

but perhaps not Santa!

Erica resurrects her sewing skills! Back from an 11 year absence, I made christmas pants for the whole family. My 8th grade sewing teacher would be proud. (The pants I made then were the same size in front as back -so they always felt like they were on backwards.) Payson's struggled some. I didn't make enough room for his diaper so they kind of look like low riding bootleg pants -he's so stylish. :)

Ready to go caroling. The wintery storm outside was truly frightful -but no worries, Payson slept the whole time!

Cousin Scott puts Payson under arrest with his new handcuffs. I guess Payson was "naughty" this year!

Little bro Daniel gets home from his "Mission in Glory" in Ventura, CA. All 10 siblings were at his homecoming! My how we have all grown!

Jan 4, 2008

...and Patrick will call him "Mini P"

Don't look Mommy we're naked...

Ha ha - j/k

Patrick loves playing with Payson

-who looks more like Dad every day.

And he sure knows how to blow out...
(like Daddy too?)