Oct 14, 2008

Future Engineer

Patrick was combining computers last week. I like to ask him about them, but to be honest, I don't have the attention span for it. Patrick is great at explaining complicated things in laymans terms -afterall, if you can't explain it to a 5th grader, than you don't really understand it right? Anyhow, Payson was "helping" and completely fascinated. So maybe Payson will follow in Daddy's footsteps. Patrick always said while I was pregnant that he wanted a little person that he could teach and train, and to make the baby just like himself! So, he got a little boy who looks just like him, loves to talk all the time (also like Patrick :) and interested in how EVERYTHING works! Indeed Payson is our Mini-P.

Or, maybe a train engineer?

Oct 6, 2008

Payson's Golden Birthday

Payson celebrated his 1st birthday and -it being October 1st- his golden birthday!! We sent out football invites, had football cake, took pictures as a football player and wore our new cougar football shirts. His baby guests weighed in for the team roster and played with inflatable footballs. Patrick & Erica showed off the new backyard "oasis" that finished justin time -and Payson received a blow-up pool & slide that will take up most of the grass space!

The MVP -Star QB - Payson Lewis!!

Happy Birthday dear Payson...
No interest in cake until I gave him a fork -he's obviously very clean and sophisticated with his eating habits.

Wall of Fame -Payson's amazing shots throughout the year month-by-month.
Backyard Fun:
Payson loves running on the pavers and gravel -but NOT the grass. And if I put him on it, he freezes, looks concerned, then cries to be "saved."

See my tomato plants? They've gotten HUGE!

LOVES his new pool -and we haven't even filled it with water yet.

Perfect weather and an inviting backyard lead to Patrick smokin' us up some burgers and pork chops.