Feb 16, 2009

February as of yet...

Payson broke my beautiful lamp - luckily Kent Perry, who was playing with us that morning, wasn't in there at the time to get hurt.  Payson will be sad to not be able to plug it in and step on the "on" button - he and the lamp had shared a lot of good times!

Payson at the park.  He is seriously in love with basketballs & watching people play basketball!  It's fun to hear him say bee-bee-bahl when he recognizes them in stores, on his walls, clothes, etc.

Kali Hoenes ruining a cute picture of Jenni & I...  hee hee  j/k Kalie.  February Bunko was Jungle theme - ah, good times with the ladies!

We went to the driving range & Payson got to see what we really do with golf clubs.  He practices regularly in the back yard -what a swing!  He's also a great ball boy -I can hit the ball and he will run and bring it back to me, just to see me swing again!  Awesome - I know this wont last forever.

Payson - aka mr. independent feeder - decides that he needs to hold the banana himself, he actually did a great job, until he needed the sides pulled down which resulted in the usual life & death scream... 
    And yes, he is holding his spoon in his left hand - Patrick has been trying to break him of that habit -good luck!

 Payson tried to "clean" my cabinets with my fluffy pink socks!  Thanks buddy!

Erica decides to learn how to caulk -there's definitely an art to it that I so have not mastered!  Next job will look better...

Payson loves the laundry basket, and convinces Carter & Wyatt that it's fun to push him around in it.  They loved his remote control Caterpillar - a toy his parents were more excited to get him than he is to play with it!

Feb 4, 2009


Since I have a bazillion stories to tell from the last few months, I've chosen a "few" favorite pics and snipets.

Halloween: Lots of parties & lots of costumes for Payson. He loved staying outside late running around the neighborhood - Mom loved the candy....  I brought Payson to my ballet classes for their halloween parties. We also went to a pumpkin patch with a variety of family fun activities.

Day at GolfnStuff:  super fun & cheap Raytheon sponsored date... with Payson... and Taylor Hoenes.

Utah trip: In November Payson & Erica flew to Utah to enjoy friends & family - so Patrick could work & do schoolwork, and nothing else. We went to BYU where Payson was a hit running through the crowds of students. We had creamery ice-cream and nostalgic moments in the Math Lab where I worked my way through school. I got to see old high school friends - 2 of which are pregnant -congrats MaryAnne & Sarah!!  Payson was overloved by his adoring neices - but he did steal away to watch the Rumba (robot vacuum) whenever he got the chance.

Thanksgiving Day: 5k with my Dad & dinner w/ him & our neighbors Taylor, Kali, Kenzi, & baby Brooke Hoenes. We really are blessed with great friends, family, food, abundance, etc - we are content and happy!

2 days later, Payson went to the Perry's (thanks again!!) and Patrick & I took off to LA for a Mexican Riviera Cruise! We got to snorkel, kayak, zipline over agave cacti (although we declined the free tour of the agave tequilla factory), parasail, explore beaches, play random games & competitions on the boat, eat eat eat, go to musicals & comedy acts, enjoy fine dining & cuisine (Patrick was turned away from the dining room our first night -he was in shorts), had our beds turned down w/ chocolates on our pillows every night (don't ask me how I fit those in after million course meals & delectable desserts - I couldn't let them go to waste!), played settlers of catan & killer bunnies way too many times, and loved every minute of it! Cruises are a great bang for your vacation buck!

Christmas: Patrick got Paintball gear & Patrick got Christmas pjs & snow gear. Christmas day he got the biggest bonk yet -we literally watched the green bruise grow before our eyes!

Winter Blues: Not that it's too cold outside -it's actually been the best winter ever (highs in the 70s!!) -but Payson gets bored inside after exausting all his "toys"....