Feb 4, 2009


Since I have a bazillion stories to tell from the last few months, I've chosen a "few" favorite pics and snipets.

Halloween: Lots of parties & lots of costumes for Payson. He loved staying outside late running around the neighborhood - Mom loved the candy....  I brought Payson to my ballet classes for their halloween parties. We also went to a pumpkin patch with a variety of family fun activities.

Day at GolfnStuff:  super fun & cheap Raytheon sponsored date... with Payson... and Taylor Hoenes.

Utah trip: In November Payson & Erica flew to Utah to enjoy friends & family - so Patrick could work & do schoolwork, and nothing else. We went to BYU where Payson was a hit running through the crowds of students. We had creamery ice-cream and nostalgic moments in the Math Lab where I worked my way through school. I got to see old high school friends - 2 of which are pregnant -congrats MaryAnne & Sarah!!  Payson was overloved by his adoring neices - but he did steal away to watch the Rumba (robot vacuum) whenever he got the chance.

Thanksgiving Day: 5k with my Dad & dinner w/ him & our neighbors Taylor, Kali, Kenzi, & baby Brooke Hoenes. We really are blessed with great friends, family, food, abundance, etc - we are content and happy!

2 days later, Payson went to the Perry's (thanks again!!) and Patrick & I took off to LA for a Mexican Riviera Cruise! We got to snorkel, kayak, zipline over agave cacti (although we declined the free tour of the agave tequilla factory), parasail, explore beaches, play random games & competitions on the boat, eat eat eat, go to musicals & comedy acts, enjoy fine dining & cuisine (Patrick was turned away from the dining room our first night -he was in shorts), had our beds turned down w/ chocolates on our pillows every night (don't ask me how I fit those in after million course meals & delectable desserts - I couldn't let them go to waste!), played settlers of catan & killer bunnies way too many times, and loved every minute of it! Cruises are a great bang for your vacation buck!

Christmas: Patrick got Paintball gear & Patrick got Christmas pjs & snow gear. Christmas day he got the biggest bonk yet -we literally watched the green bruise grow before our eyes!

Winter Blues: Not that it's too cold outside -it's actually been the best winter ever (highs in the 70s!!) -but Payson gets bored inside after exausting all his "toys"....


Jenni Johansen said...

Wow! Way to cover it all!!! See ya again in 6 months?

Julie said...

Yay Killer Bunnies! Lets get together and play! We don't have a set - do you? Looks like a fun few months. You need to work on your blogging skills. Lol.