Jun 30, 2009

June is Patrick's month

Here's a look at the best little son a Dad could ask for during the month of Father's day and his birthday.

Fixin' Stuff (no need to mention that this toy still isn't fixed... at least Dad & Son got to use TOOLS and work on a project together!)


Patrick is 27!! For those of you not nerdy enough to know, the cake is a "circuit board" with the number "27" written out in binary code. (I know, what a woman!) I always tell my wonderful man that he's a "sheek geek" -and I wouldn't have him any other way! I love that I get to spend forever with him! He's so fun, encouraging, and good! This engineer doesn't go anywhere without his pocket pc, or my heart.

Payson points out "Jesus" all the time now, and pretty much and picture at church is a picture of Him. I usually turn on "Music & the Spoken Word" Sunday morning as we get ready for church, but when Payson yelled out "Jesus" (seeing the Christus on lds.org) I got an idea to look for pictures of Jesus on YouTube. Of course, someone, somewhere has hymns to pictures of Jesus! (Who takes the time to do stuff like that? I sure appreciate it!) So this was our morning:

Yesterday, when getting Payson ready for swimming, I decided to teach Payson how to flex his muscles. (As you can see, his manly chest inspired this...) He picks up on things FAST! (BTW that picture in the back is where the whole "Jesus" thing started. Having church pictures around really is a great way to teach your child the gospel. They observe everything, and ask questions about what they see -teaching opportunities!! I need to get a temple picture or something for Payson's room, he spends a LOT of time in his crib -wish I slept that much!)

Yes, this is sideways, my bad. And don't watch the whole thing. I just wanted to show Payson's new FAVORITE thing. Jumping into the swimming pool with his floaties -let's just say, it doesn't go over well when Mommy says it is time to go home & say "bubye" to "wawa".

Payson loves his toilet, and will sit on it, and "flush" it (makes a water noise than says "all done"). Here he is NOT sitting...grrr... but pointing out all the characters. Tigger is his favorite, when he plays with his stuffed talking Tigger, he "tickles" it and mimicks the "whoo whoo whoo whoo". He is young for potty training, I know, but a Mom can have a dream!

Jun 11, 2009

Blogging is Journaling?

Lately I have been getting into You Tube. Mostly for 2 videos from Sesame Street. Elmos song & Cookie Monster's C is for cookie. Payson asks for "Melmo" everytime he sees my laptop now. So, I recalled this morning that our Bishop mentioned in church the "mormon messages" that are now on you tube. This one by Elder Eyring was very inspiring:
I jumped up in search of my journal, vowing to write a little somethin' everyday from now on. But upon arrival of my journal's usual spot, I was shocked to find it missing! How long has it been since I last wrote? I can't even find it! My blog becomes a journal of the precious moments in my family I catch on camera, but even more important are the things I learn and see that strengthen my testimony daily. These are not the public blogging things, but the things that allow me to see God in my life daily and help me realize how truly blessed I am! So hears to blogging! And to keeping (finding...) a journal!

Jun 10, 2009

Dadda Work

The first words out of Lil' P's mouth when he wakes (be it morning or post nap):

He's also quite the singer & runner, more videos to come.