Jun 18, 2010

Spring was so FILLED!

I've been going through our pics since I stopped caring... thank you pregnancy yuckiness... and we sure have done a lot this spring.  Not that I get pics of everything, oh well, but here are some of the highlights:  
(Not necessarily in chronological order)

Rodeo Days - they actually get school off for this here!

Roberts Family visits us in March

Payson's Faves

April Trip to Cali:  Adventures w/ Camacho cousins & Patrick's Family

May trip to Colorado - Great visits w/ Taylor & Perry Fams

Camping up Mt Lemmon w/ 4 other families - so much fun!  And a much needed break for Patrick.

Payson asked for his toes to be painted too - I chose a manly blue... Patrick was NOT happy!  Naptime isn't going so great lately, Payson will sometimes give in after playing and/or crying in his locked room on the floor.

I am so over potty training, but "underpants" are way too exciting, especially being able to flush & wipe, repeatedly...grrrr....  Nothing like waking up to my naked boy handing me a "fresh diaper" as he has already thrown away his night time one and gone poo poo in the toilet (his wiping leaves much to be assisted w/ before climbing into bed!)

Something Payson will help cook AND eat - cookie dough!  Computer time in underpants - woo hoo!
Payson woke me up one morning having spelled his favorite word - and very excited to show me - "ZOO spells zoo - see Mommy?"
This pic of me (taken courtesy of Payson -not too bad eh?) kind of shows my blonde highlights I just did.  Never have I attempted to bleach my hair until now.  I still think I look better brunette, but it is fun to try something new!

He's always gone straight for the knives - and now he insists on sharpening them himself - ah!!


McGuire's said...

Love all your cute pictures Erica! You guys have been busy with fun stuff! I want to see a picture of your belly and when do you find out what your having?

S said...

cute scrapbookin'! btw, you should really announce that you're having a boy. i can't believe the payson potty stories . . hilarious!