Apr 16, 2008

Ready, Get set, GO!!

I ran an 11 mile trail run on Saturday. It was held in beautiful Catalina State Park (about 50 min drive). My running buddy Rhonda (#39) got first in her age group. I came in just under 8:38 min miles getting 2nd in mine. It was fun to run up and down the sandy paths, and to hop on rocks across streams! The hills were steep, especially the "92-stair climb" that I had to run up twice -my calves were so sore!


Mindy B said...

Awesome!!!! I wish I could have joined you- you are FAST girl!!! I bet it was beautiful.

Mike said...

Hey Erica this is Jill (myers) Thayer. Nice job running, looks like a really fun place to have a race (my dad would be jealous :)
Mike and I flew down to houston a few weeks ago to find a house, and anyhoo I ended up meeting your sis-in-law Jessica. She such a nice person! Turns out we're buying a house in harper's landing the same place where they live so we're soon to be neighbors. Crazy coincidence eh?

Lee, Ashley, Makenzie said...

I am so impressed that you ran 11 miles in an hour and a half, I think that might take me like 3 hours. Sounds like fun. We hope you guys are doing well.