May 28, 2008

May Days

Uncle Daniel and Grandma visit!! My youngest brother Daniel and my Mom took the scenic route to Southern Cali -by way of Tucson! Daniel is doing an internship at (the wrong) Raytheon in El Segundo. So my Mom drove with him to keep him company and meet some people from his mission. They didn't admit to it, but they were sad to go after a short day and a half. We love having visitors, so next time your in Arizona... :)

He is a growin' boy! And his favorite toys are cords and electronics! (Looks and acts just like Daddy!) Above is my Sansa usb port -a definite favorite as you can see. He also loves my blow dryer, and gets jealous when I am using it. As I write this he is attacking our modem -blinking lights -need I say more?

So, Payson does crazy things in his crib. Above, he squirmed his pants almost all the way off before falling asleep.
If he doesn't end up with his head jammed in a corner, he's on his face, got a blanket wrapped around his face only, or has his back completely arched! (Don't be fooled by how sweet he looks sleeping -although it gets us every time.)


Patrick and Erica Adventures

I won $500 dollars betting on my putting skills. Patrick never learns... :)

Patrick put up ceiling fans -much needed in this climate -doesn't he look manly? Payson's room is a football field with sports wallpaper. Patrick's also very proud of how the painting turned out.

I'll bet you have no idea what this is. I had the great idea of cooking rice in the microwave (which can be done -just not with the pyrex bowl and lid I used it turns out). Then I decided I could walk down the street and it would be done when I got back. I could smell burning as I walked back to my house and thought, "how embarrasing, somebody really burned something bad!" Well, if you can tell in the pic, my microwave was yellowy-brown, the rice was charcoal, and the plastic lid had melted in. And boy did it smell! Even my purse sitting on the counter across the room smelled of smoke days later! I'm pretty sure that this was all somehow Payson's fault... my little scape goat for everything these days! :)


Warren and Sharleen said...

Your rice story is sad! Poor microwave! Payson is cute, cute, cute! Love that kiddo!

The Johnsons said...

Hey Erica! (It's Whitney Lewis...almost JOHNSON! ha) Payson is soooo adorable in those pictures! I bet he's like 100x's even cuter in real life. I can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!!!

Summer said...

That rice kills me! Payson really does look just like Paatrick nowadays. Thanks for the B-day card!

KiM said...

Erica! Good to catch up with your family and Shar's family by reading your blogs! I'm so jealous that you have an adorable son and a mr. fix-it husband! Keep in touch!