May 28, 2008

Going, going... & gone!!

A few months ago Payson really seemed like he was going to start crying. But he didn't really start until he hit 8 months. I loved watching him get into the push-up position! Then balancing on two arms and one leg, trying to figure out what to do with the other one hanging in the air.

Okay, so I spent an afternoon trying to figure out how to edit movies from our digital video camera. Turns out the software that came with it does very little unless you upgrade. So this is a terrible splicing job of some times that we tried to get Payson to crawl on camera. He is very good now (you see at the end) and loves to stand up too! Will he walk soon??? I can't wait. Actually, I love that he can crawl! He doesn't get into much "dangerous" stuff, and when he wants me, he just searches me out and comes to me! When he does spot me, he stops, smiles at me until I notice him and smile back, and then either continues toward me whining for a diaper change (or food or etc) or he just goes over to the nearst "point of interest" -usually something he can stand and "play" with. Who knew walls and beds and cupboards were so exciting?

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Lee, Ashley, Makenzie said...

Such a good little crawler, it looks like he might be walking in about a week or so. We miss you guys. Hope all is well.