Mar 11, 2008

Patrick teaches Payson by example

1- The importance of being a BYU cougar!
Bleed blue through & through! BYU football allegiance is a must. Attending the University and meeting your wife in a singles ward are added bonuses.

2- Work, work, work -there is no satisfactory substitute.
Patrick digs into our "soil" (aka rock) for our future garden bed. Supposedly, we can grow vegetables here year round -although keeping plants alive has never been my specialty... :)

3- Mom's cooking is the BEST!

Eating while holding Payson is getting very exciting as Payson gets better at grabbing dishes and utensils. Good thing we have white carpet under our dining table to catch all the messes!

Payson is on to the bottle trick, he knows the difference between formula and the real deal. He is NOT a fan of the former.

4- Couch time comes after meal time.
The boys' favorite spot to digest and relax! Did Payson's button just pop undone?

5- Big boys don't cry -they giggle!
Payson is getting ticklish on his tummy, thighs, feet -he loves the attention!

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Dave Johansen said...

Payson looks just like a mini-Patrick.