Mar 11, 2008

Desert Museum with Twinner Friends!

Warren & Emily Smith met and married at BYU. Warren studied electrical engineering and got a job at Raytheon. They moved to Tucson summer of '06. Had a baby (Diana) in Oct. '08. Sound at all familiar? Little Diana is so sweet. Her and Payson are destined for eachother... :)

We went to the Desert Museum which is in West Tucson. The drive there is gorgeous with hills and valleys of saguaro cacti. And the sunsets as you leave are AMAZING. We love the sky here!

Patrick's met his goal in the trip -he saw a javelina. Gross black pig things that live in the desert. (Look like Pumba from Disney's "The Lion King") I hear they are pretty dangerous.
My running buddies tell me that they come across them as well as rattlesnakes as it gets
warmer. That's why you should always run with a light, buddy, and mace! One day I will actually take that advice.

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