Sep 20, 2010

Summer 2010

Summer is so so hot here - months of highs over 100F - ugh  
We have done a LOT of swimming. 
 No, I wont post a pic of me w/ my swim cap and goggles doing laps, don't worry!  
But I got some great snaps of Payson & Patrick...

Got this idea from my sister-in-law  - cards, smores, "tent" lantern, nature movie "Planet Earth" made for a fun night!

Totally nasty job - toilet clog - bless Patrick for being brave enough to snake the toilet twice!  P.S. baby wipes may look like they flush, but they don't get too far...

I love it when Payson breaks out into song -we get a lot of comments in stores ;)

Such a FUN birthday party for Taylor Hoenes & Jon Jensen - way to go Kali & Christa for putting it together!  Can't wait for the next dodgeball tourney - I will NOT be pregnant, and you'll all be sorry then ;)

Seriously, how many pics do I have of this kid sleeping?  Love him!

My "Payson-Moon"  (last trip with just Payson & I before little bro comes)

Payson's Birthday Party (two weeks early as I will have JUST had a baby on his actual birthday and I will NOT be throwing a 20+ kid bash in that condition!)


S said...

way to post BEFORE baby comes - good thinking! the party looks fabulous and fun - happy bday little p - love the ref shirts and the reunion looks so green and pretty and like quite the party!

Julie said...

Man, Erica, you are an animal! That was the world's longest blog post. Loved it, and you can't even tell in the pictures how hot Payson's party was!

McGuire's said...

Been waiting for an update from you! FUN summer! My favorites are the camping in living room, (very good idea, closest we will get to camping), dodge ball party, and payson sleeping! :) Good luck with the delivery. 9 more days, yahoo!