Nov 11, 2009

Halloween 2009

Payson got the hang of trick-or-treating after a couple houses (he was trying to give them candy at first!) and looked so cute in his Bam Bam outfit. We were the Rubble family from The Flinstones cartoon (thanks to Shar for the costumes!) - and we had a lot of opportunites to wear them. My ballet class, a murder mystery party, halloween bbq, storytime, and of course trick-or-treating!

Patrick's parents were here the same weekend. It is always so good to see them - not just because they take us out to eat ;) Patrick's mother always says she feels for me when she realizes how much Patrick is like his Dad! Truly, we look up to them because they are great examples of hard work & love & fun!
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Sabrina said...

Your costumes were great.

csrussell said...

so so cute!!

McGuire's said...

Your costumes are great!! Can't believe Payson is 2! Hope you had a wonderful birthday. and hope you are coming up soon!