Jul 10, 2008

Utah vacation

We went to Utah mid June and have a few pictures, but our camera ran out of battery after a couple of days, and of course we left the charger at home... :(
Payson with cousins
Patrick with his 2 bro-in-laws
Mom & Dad Lewis
The happy couple 2 days to Wed-day
Payson was sick and tuckered out at the Wedding dinner. Aren't my boys handsome?
Payson & Erica hiking Mt Timp. Payson loved being in the snugli -even on the ground:)
Patrick & I enjoying the reception. In some ways the wedding was so much more fun than our own. None of the stress or newlywedness, but all of the good food & family time!


Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

I still can't get over the fact that you're grown up. With a husband. And a kid. You're still little-Erica from the 10th ward to me. Crazy.

But you've grown up beautifully. And your family is just stunning.

Big hugs,
Jessie (Nichols) Eyre

Alida Bowles said...

Okay this is gonna seem like a TOTALLY RANDOM comment...first of all you have a darling family and a darling blog. I came across your blog looking for your sister Sharleen's blog (we were friends and I wanted to catch up with her but I've lost her email and thought she might have a blog...) Anyway, I landed on your blog instead and I see that she has a blog but it's totally private (good for her!) but I was wondering if you could let her know that I was looking for her to see how she was doing and maybe if she wants to invite me to her little blog taht would be okay too?! Go ahead and check out my blog or give her the blog address www.bowlizzlefamdizzle.blogspot.comHopefully we can get in touch. (Is that too wierd?!)