Dec 5, 2007

Enjoying the Christmas Season

December is here and we have begun celebrating! Payson is way too cute in his Santa hat. He went caroling in it on Sunday. Patrick put up our "wee" tree.

We made "gingerbread" houses with good friends. Erica won the contest for best house -she is real good with candy!

Payson is starting to enjoy "tummy time" -he lasts about two minutes until he starts crying now. We really like getting him to smile. Sometimes he confuses smiling with sadness as he now will smile as he starts to cry. This is mom's fault for constantly trying to get him to smile because she thinks it's soooo cute!


Jenni said...

CUTE SMILING PAYSON!! Very cute!! Congrats on winning the gingerbread house contest! You ARE good with candy! I know!! :0) Speaking of which, call me when you guys have brownies, but before Patrick eats them all... lol. jk

Snow Slade said...

Dude, Patrick...What kind of gingerbread house is that!? Aren't you an engineer;)? I think that the Big Bad Wolf would be able to blow that over without any trouble!

Thad said...

So, when did Micah shave his head? Not sure that I think this is an improvement. Yeah, and thanks for coming by when you were in town for the BYU/UofU game (because this was the real reason you were in town, not family-thanksgiving or any of that other crap, we appreciated the visit. Oh that's right you didn't! Anyways, will forgive, this time.

Payson looks adorable, perhaps he and Savvy could become close as they get older. Of course, Savvy will be wearing the pants in any relationship she enters, so that might not work out either. She is soooooo pig-headed. Check her out on our blog.